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About The Ashbeck Group

The Ashbeck Group specialise in technology investments, whether investing in existing ventures, advising on creating start-ups, or rescuing struggling technology companies.

Our current portfolio consists of Oil and Gas investment, Oil refinery, Marine Lubricants, Hydrocarbon Recovery, Emergency Oil Spill Response, Marine Services, Manufacturing, Equipment Procurement Financial software technologies, Currency transaction software, Online Training software and Project Management Software.

The Ashbeck Group supports and nurtures talent in every business it gets involved in, with the aim of improving efficiency, generating value, and longevity for all projects. Efficiencies are achieved by analysis of existing models, consolidation of departments, process management, combining resource, cross-pollination of technology and research.

All support functions are performed in-house including CRM, Project Management, Business Plan design, Branding, Website and App design, Multi-channel marketing, Fulfilment and Customer care.

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